Tips when go for lunch with a Chennai Call Girl friend

The spark has finally struck. You like her, you found the courage to invite her, and she accepted. Generally, if a woman agrees to go out to dinner with a man it means that she is at least vaguely interested in him, so it’s up to you now to convince her that she will never find better. But be careful: the time you will spend at the table is fundamental because it reveals a lot about you and also about the type of interest you have in her. But before final the deal ask Chennai Call Girls Real Photo. Here are the tips you must follow when going on a lunch date with your girlfriend.

The choice of place:

If you are on your first dates, at least if you are not a student, do not invite her to a pizzeria, even if it is a gourmet place. If you do this and she has a sudden commitment, headache, or flu at the last moment, she probably won’t like the choice. Avoid noisy places or places for families, where you would be forced to scream to hear yourself, other than whispering phrases … The restaurant must be welcoming, quiet, atmospheric, with a good quality of dishes and cellar. Even better if it is a special place for you: she will be happy because you want to introduce her to a place that is part of your life.

Best Education of Chennai Call Girls:

The way you eat reveals a lot about your upbringing and your style. Why do you have a style, right? Even the dishes chosen tell the personality and tastes. Avoid brushing your plate as if you haven’t seen food in a month, don’t get squirted and don’t talk with your mouth full. I know it sounds like aunt’s advice, but if I write it, it’s because, to my amazement, several girls have complained about it. By viewing Chennai Call Girls Photo, you can also judge whether selected girl is educated or not.

Give her attention:

The dialogue must be interesting, ask her questions (without sounding like the Gestapo), show interest in her work, her hobbies. If you don’t ask her anything about her life, she will think (and often rightly so) that your disinterest is because you want to finish quickly and then never see her again. Don’t look at the phone all the time, especially if the reason so urgent is to know the result of the game.

Taste each other’s Chennai Call Girls Service

On this point, the women are divided. Some do not like at all that you propose to taste your dishes because it is a gesture that denotes an intimacy that does not yet exist. And so it’s not good even if you steal them on your plate. Others may find it a nice gesture of complicity: therefore, study the situation. When in doubt, stay still.

The wine:

First, evaluate what she ordered and ask her if she approves. If you want to drink champagne, make an extra effort and don’t order the basic one: it could reveal that you want to make a good impression but that you are not a connoisseur. If you like red (but she does too) order an important one: it means you can handle anything.

The bill:

To make a good impression, you can offer dinner. At least in the conquest phase. Then, over time, she will reciprocate, perhaps inviting you home, or you will take turns. If on the first night you propose to pay in the Roman style, unless she is a desperate woman, you will never see her again. But now, are you overwhelmed by passion but keep the clarity to do the math?

It is not an exchange in kind of Escorts Service in Chennai

If you offer her dinner, it does not mean that she will surely indulge in you, you can only hope so. You haven’t paid for sex.