How to impress girl friend when you are going on date with your girl friend Experience

When going on a date with a Chennai Call Girls Rate for you have the opportunity to show her your best side and make her realize how interesting and charming you are, in short, you can prove to her that you are an ideal boyfriend. By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to impress a girl on your date and increase the chance that the first date will soon be followed by a second. All you need to win her heart is proper behavior and a little sense of humour.

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1 Take the initiative. If you don’t invite her out, she probably won’t. Offer to pick her up and bring her home and don’t be too indecisive about what to do, be determined.

2 Prove yourself a true gentleman. Bring her some flowers, open the car door and the restaurant door, offer her your jacket if she gets cold.

3 Be spontaneous. Just relax and don’t worry too much about what her judgment about you will be. Don’t be afraid to expose yourself, the looser you are the more she will enjoy your company. Let her know that you feel comfortable around her.

4 Have a good sense of humour. Laugh at his jokes and always smile Call Girls in Chennai. Don’t tell her about sad experiences; your date must be a positive experience. Trust yourself. Make sure about Chennai Call Girls Rate, before going with her.

5 Set goals. Your primary goal must be to be able to make her feel comfortable in your company. Ask her questions to find out more about her, what she does in life, what are her favorite films. After she answers, tell her what your tastes are.

6 Be a good listener. Don’t answer with monosyllables or hinted expressions. They denote disinterest.

7 Smile when you meet her. The Chennai Call Girl will understand that you are very happy to see her.

8 Compliment her. Tell her she is very pretty.

9 Don’t look around. The girl might take this as a negative sign that you are not comfortable in front of her or that you are too busy looking at other girls.


Tell her how beautiful she is.

Try not to overdo your hairstyle. Girls generally like tidy but not over the top types.

Before putting on your favourite CDs, ask the girl which music genres she likes best. Indulge his tastes.

Bring some cash with you to cover all the expenses of the evening.

Dress appropriately.

Don’t kiss her unless you’re sure she wants it too. Some signs to recognize her intentions are: if she looks Chennai Escorts Service to you in the eye and then moves her lips, or if when you take her back to the door instead of going home immediately, she takes time and starts fiddling with the keys. If you don’t notice such behavior, she is less likely to want to kiss you on a first date.

At the end of the evening, give her another flower. Tell her how good you were with her and accompany her to her home.

Ask her where she bought that cute dress, or where she got that pretty haircut.

Don’t always talk about you all the time, let her tell you something about herself too.

Don’t tell her what to order at the restaurant (unless she asks for it). Let her eat whatever she wants.

Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriends. You’ll put her in a bad mood.

Don’t tell her about your previous sexual experiences, and don’t come up with sad stories.

Never comment on the beauty, or the clothes, of other girls. If she tells you her opinion, don’t add anything else and agree.

Before going with her ask her about Escorts Service Rate in Chennai.

Do not interrupt her if she is talking about something, if you were about to say something, and she has interrupted you without realizing it, do not try to recover the conversation. Let her keep talking.